Swiss Corner

Swiss Corner was established in 1982 under supervision of experienced administrative team qualified in the field of jewelries and watches. 28 years of success and experience and confidence among the company and customers are the result of hard work and continuous planning by the management of Swiss corner that comply with the world markets and with future view.

The Swiss corner co. is considered one of the most succeeded companies in marketing watches and jewelries in Arabian region and one of the most creative. Distinct cadres work in Swiss Corner : There are distinct cadres in the company work according to clear plans of the company and follow the same policy and various managements in serving our customers. More than 300 employees in the Swiss corner co. were trained and developed to keep the company position and achieving the targeted objectives. Integrating in works and high coordinating among the managements.

Deep understanding for the customers requirements : We knew from the start that customer satisfaction and ensuring his needs is the most important stage in success so we started with deep understanding for the customer requirements and needs then the starting the hard work stage and serious efforts to achieve the customer needs. The research team in Swiss corner co. studies the Arab markets and determines the requirements of the customers and achieve the needs and the desires of the customers.

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