Parapharma was founded in 1974 by George Passon and Mario Codispoti, in response to new distribution requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, as a link between producers / importers and pharmacies, carving out a role as a precursor to immediately propose also the sale of products in the compendium of the drug.

The company’s focus is the representation and distribution of parafarmaci, medicinal products, cosmetics, health and nutritional supplements due to the constant search for new products to supply growth and customer service. The Parapharma employs a sales force and a network of professional medical representatives located throughout the triveneto and thanks to their expertise in the field is able to satisfy the customers in an increasingly competitive environment evolved.

In 1999 the company also wanted to capture a major share of Turval , a company specializing in the research and development of new generation of probiotics that promotes an intense scientific and medical information activities directed at physicians.

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