Nayomi is a proudly Middle Eastern brand, designing glamorous lingerie and nightwear for the Middle Eastern woman; a brand that is all about romance and femininity and wholeheartedly respects the natural beauty of women. Founded in 1992 as a single lingerie store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nayomi, over the decades since, has evolved into a distinctive, leading brand within the region.

They boast a strong and ever expanding presence in KSA, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Libya; with over 170 stores across the region. Nayomi offers high quality, value for money products, including desirable lingerie, glamorous nightwear, luxurious bridal ensembles, beautiful bath wear and slippers, as well as a range of iconic and sensuous fragrances and beauty products. Nayomi, which means ‘soft and delicate’ in Arabic, uses a variety of fabrics, ranging from cottons and satins to silks and chiffon, to create a range of products that are luxurious and completely unique to Nayomi.

Nayomi has dedicated themselves to transforming every lady into a modern-day princess, by providing the little luxuries that will ensure you look and feel breathtaking.

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