Louzan Shiela & Abaya

Louzan prides itself for its finest tailor made traditional and contemporary designs in Sheilas and Abayas. With a notable workforce in excess of 400 employees Louzan allocate time and money on research and development into cutting edge technology and design. Within a very short period of time Louzan has achieved trust throughout the emirates and the rest of the world. Starting with one outlet in Al Ain in 2003, Louzan has rapidly expanded to 7 outlets in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Louzan has simultaneously built and staffed a state of the art factory with record production time. Louzan employee strength consists of a well qualified management and support staff, highly creative team of designers, experienced tailors, embroiders and a dynamic, professionally qualified sales team. Besides retailing in 7 throughout UAE, Louzan also export to countries across the GCC and Egypt. With plans to expand beyond GCC, Louzan is confident of making positive contributions to this thriving industry of Sheilas and Abayas.

+971 3 784 0840

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