La Brioche

La Brioche is an offspring of the rapidly progressive parent company, the Al-Ahlia Group, which was conceived and established in 1979 by a group of prominent UAE nationals. The Group was founded with a vision to discover niche markets, penetrate untapped markets, redefine existing markets and explore new horizons through various sectors of the economy. Today, the Al-Ahlia Group is inextricably linked to brands such as Coca Cola, Sharp Office Automation products, Danesi Coffee of Italy, Beafour of France, Sketchley of United Kingdom, and of course Halliburton in oilfields in Abu Dhabi.

The Al-Ahlia Group has mushroomed into a diversified, professionally managed mega business house with a turnover that exceeds one billion dirhams with over 1,500 employees and investments in assets in excess of US $ 100 million. The success of the Group can be attributed to the wise leadership of the Chairman of the Board, a full-time executive, the guidance and support of our shareholders and the tireless efforts and dedication of its professional managers. The growth is paralleled to the development of the country and it certainly has grown with the same spirit of optimism that is poised to revolutionize the future.

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