Jardin De Parfums

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Jardin de Parfums–the ‘Garden of Perfumes’– is a multi-brand perfume concept offering an intriguing way to learn about the art of fragrance that fuses the careful craft of man with the beauty of nature.

Inspired by the calming opulence of the Gardens of Versailles and curated by experienced noses and creative designers in Italy, Jardin de Parfums currently blooms three collections: The White Essentials, Papaverum, and Unique.

Our retail model cultivates a unique, personalized experience by focusing on artistic perfumery and client-initiated creativity, and introduces customized gifting solutions and layering experiences that cater to every personality, nationality, and culture.

A far cry from your standard perfume shopping experience – Jardin de Parfums is turning perfume retail on its head. We disrupt the retail experience by presenting our collections to the digital and curious generation. Our locations transport you to a beautiful garden filled with exquisite flowers, making Jardin de Parfums a garden you will never want to leave.

Jardin de Parfums – a garden for all. Which flower will you pick?

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