Gelato Divino

Gelato, which is Italian for ice-cream, is actually very different than ice-cream. The three main differences are that Gelato is low in sugar, low in butterfat and is made with very little air. Our Gelato is produced daily at our premises in Dubai following authentic Italian recipes. We use only fresh milk and no condensed or powdered milk/cream.

There is a minimal amount of air that is incorporated naturally due to the slow churning process giving our Gelato a denser & creamier taste. All our ingredients are imported from Italy. Our high-quality artisan Gelato can only be kept fresh for a few days because of the substantial reduction of stabilizers and emulsifiers. Our sorbets are all about fruit without any milk.

They are made only with sugar, fresh fruit and fresh juices. Other manufacturers add air to ice-cream to double the quantity of their product and they also add fat and sugar to keep their product fresh for a longer period of time. Gelato Divino is a premium quality ice-cream made the Italian way, complete with fresh ingredients. Our 120 flavours are presented artistically at our outlets and our signature Gelato recipe is truly unique in creating the best fresh heavenly delights in town.

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