Emirates Pride

Emirates Pride Perfumes was established in 2011, with the vision of becoming the most distinguished perfume company in the

Middle East. Every day we take our vision forward through excellence in creation, exclusive product lines and high value for customers.

Starting our journey as a single branch in Dubai focusing on import and export, we built a reputation as manufactures of oil fragrances
using the finest raw materials from around the globe. Soon to be synonymous with authentic and distinctive fragrances, today, more
than 25 products bear our label with pride.

Every product in our range matches the meticulous standards decreed by the most discerning of customers. Furthermore, we are the
makers of a very superior selection of ArabicPerfumes, Dokhoons, Oud and Gift Items.

Keeping the global customer in mind, our perfumes and aromatic products uphold the highest quality rising from the finest materials
and consummate craftsmanship, yet making them available at a reasonable price. Marketed through our retail outlets around the
globe, they seek to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction everywhere they are present.

Because, we strongly believe, consistency in excellence creates loyal patrons.

+971 54 312 4258

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